Monday, May 07, 2007

Look Ma, I'm on IMDb!

On Friday my spidey sense was tingling and no, it had nothing to do with the release of Spider-Man 3 or its impending record-breaking $148 Million weekend (I guess my $150 Million prediction was a tad optimistic). Ironically on a spectacular Spider-Man weekend, it was my Star Wars post that struck a collective nerve with fans everywhere. Last Thursday, there was a 600% increase in traffic to this site, which I attribute to a friendly shout-out on Idolator. Then Friday stats started going through the roof and most everyone could be traced back to, everyone's friendly neighbourhood movie database. What the deuce? IMDb doesn't have links on their front page, especially not to random mp3 blogs. But some hearty investigation worthy of Dr. House revealed that down below the daily poll, the latest on Paris Hilton's recent escapades, and the featured unknown actor is something called the IMDb Hit List. And goshdarn, there was a link to my site sandwiched between a link to an article from and the, with the curious caption of "Create Your Own Star Wars Day Soundtrack". Create your own soundtrack? Why, that's one step away condoning piracy and someone may be forced to bring Manny Perry back to the big screen to talk some sense into our wayward youth! And irony of ironies, check out the link directly below mine.

Very amusing. Anyhoo, it was a very exciting weekend for this site. Just like Spider-Man was busting the box office, Friday's site visits trounced the previous all-time record over the past couple years by about 3500%. And even as traffic tapered off, visits are still 200x the average readership. I've been a user and fan of IMDb for years, and it's surreal to find my way on there in a completely unexpected manner.

Here's a new game: Create Your Own Hitchcock Movie Soundtrack
As we all know, it's the Year of the Pig. I'm a pig, Mr. Hitchcock's a pig, and you could be a big pig too, hooey! Here's a starter kit with songs connected (however tenuously) to the Hitchcock canon:

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Duran Duran - Notorious
Steve Reynolds - Stage Fright [originally by The Band]
Marion - Psycho Killer [originally by Talking Heads]
The Bates - Billie Jean [originally by Michael Jackson]
Fiona Apple - Window
Ben Folds Five - Birds
Lemar - Vertigo [originally by U2]
Harvey Danger - Carlotta Valdez
Cake - Strangers in the Night [originally made famous by Frank Sinatra]
Harry Nilsson - Think About Your Troubles

All zipped up here:
The Hitchcock Soundtrack Starter Kit
mirror #1 (just in case)

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