Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If he stays there will be trouble, if he stays it will be double

A quick post; big one later.

Now that Tony Blair's made it official, we get the answer to the question "he" posed over a month ago...

rx - Should I Stay or Should I Go [originally by the Clash]
Using snippets of Tony Blair speeches, rx expertly crafted another political/mash-up/cover dance number. Not only is it technically impressive, but the choice of song is perfect. Similarly, you may remember from a couple years ago rx was responsible for George Bush's covers of Sunday Bloody Sunday and Imagine/Walk on the Wild Side. Even after the initial novelty of hearing these world leaders "sing", the covers themselves are quite listenable (unless that's just me). Sunday Bloody Sunday, in particular, is brilliant.

rx - White Lines [originally by Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel]
This is another one by George Bush. I love this because of the whole "rang-dang-diggety-dang-de-dang" part.

Check out the website for music videos of these songs and with some diggin' there are more mp3s to be had.


s o l e p o w e r said...

I just discovered your blog while wondering around.....infact I was looking for information about none other than Interstate'76 soundtrack!!

Yes i am the games biggest fan just like u and more so of it's amazing soundtrack ! i will be posting the CD rip of the copy I own along with the bonus tracks from the Nitro pack which followed the original game.

I am most curious about the demos that u discovered on salazar's website! i would love a listen !

i recently found all of Taurus' poems ripped to mp3 so thats pretty cool too!

s o l e p o w e r said...

Hey many thanls for the rare share man.....esp the track "Kanegon" featured when Taurus asks gropve to "think about it".....damn i'm such a dork rite now !

anyways many many thansk for this rare visit sometime...and keep posting some rare tasty funk from time to time...

P.S. check out the post titled Driver OST on my blog....u might find it interesting........yeah I have a habit of writing long comments.