Friday, May 18, 2007

Danny Michel live at Convocation Hall

Last night, Danny Michel put on a helluva show at Convocation Hall. Man, I forgot how impressive he is live. Freely jumping at between his guitar and the grand piano parked at stage right, he can dazzle with whatever instrument he's playing. And using looping pedals, he can craft a full-sounding tune all by his lonesome. One highlight was when he called up opening act Ayla Brook of AA Sound System to join him on White Lightning, the two of them playfully trading guitar solos. Danny's a natural performer, often talking with the crowd, sharing stories, and even taking a couple requests. This tour's in support of his new independently produced DVD/CD set recorded live in Toronto. In addition, he figured he might as well go all out and make it a vinyl record ("All my life I've been waiting to do this...") which comes in a snazzy red or white. He's even got a colouring contest (ha ha) at his website to win "something".

[EDIT: 5/24/07 Links removed... (I think Danny's on to me!)]
Danny Michel - Running [originally by No Doubt]
Danny Michel - Hartley

Danny Michel - Life is Good (live from last night!) [originally by Los Lobos]

If you happen to be in Ontario, there's still lots of opportunities to catch him live
May 23 London, ON, London Music House
May 25 Toronto, ON, Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre
May 30 Guelph, ON, The Bookshelf/Ebar
May 31 Wakefield QC, The Blacksheep in (ONE NIGHT ONLY)
June 01 Kingston, The Grad House
June 13 Kitchener ON, Centre in the Square
June 14 Kitchener ON, Centre in the Square
June 15 Halifax, NS, Gingers
July 14-15 Ottawa, ON, Blues Festival

This upcoming Monday the 21st, be sure to tune into CBC Radio 1 between 12-1pm (probaly EST) to catch Danny & Emm Gryner's new radio show on covers! In fact, I'd call it mandatory listening.

(me, Danny, and my new LP)