Friday, May 04, 2007

Listen bud, he's got radioactive blood...

Happy Star Wars Day, for real this time. Astute readers may have noticed that I posted my Star Wars-themed post a little early. So now on actual Star Wars Day we turn to another film trilogy with the massive release of Spider-Man 3. Honestly how much is this thing going to make this weekend? $150 million? More? I just took a look at Box Office Mojo and Spider-Man 2 made substantially less in its opening weekend than the first one, which surprised me (since it was better). In any event, I think I'll hold off this weekend and avoid the mad mob. There was a mad mob for 300, so this'll be worse PLUS kids in the mix.

Spider-Man Theme Song (60s version)
Ah, the classic 60s Spider-Man theme. Written by Bob Harris with lyrics by Oscar-winning (!?) Paul Francis Webster. I'm still baffled when I hear the opening strains of the theme. Are those strings? Horns? Woodwinds? Honestly, I listen to it again and again but cannot pick out any specific instrument there.

Spider-Man Theme Song (90s animated series)
Not quite a classic, but memorable in its own right as the theme to my generation's animated Spider-Man. This mid-90s incarnation of Spider-Man was an essential part of a balanced TV watching diet. For some reason, I remember one particular episode with the Insidious Six (or were they Sinister?) where they hook up Rhino to a metal cable from a helicopter and swing him into the side of a building as he smoothly detaches himself and rolls into the vault... Ha ha, what a cool and brilliant scheme, I thought at the time. A bit of trivia, the 90s theme was performed by Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

And of course, we've got some Spidey covers for you. We'll start off with some Canadian content. I may be biased, but these are the best of the Spider-Man covers as well.
Moxy Früvous
Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé (Junkie XL mix)
Tim Tamashiro

Apollo 440
Candy Band
The Distillers
The Mr T Experience

EDIT (05/05/2007 7:45pm): If you're having download issues with mediafire, I've uploaded a zip file of all the above songs to sendspace: Spidey themes & covers


CHS '68 said...

Greetings, Fong-person. I greatly enjoy your blog but haven't had a chance to tell you so until now, since I must report that, to my dismay, all your Spiderman songs are not available to download! Thought I'd pass that on, for your benefit but moreso for mine (heh). Thanks for all your hard work - it is appreciated (even if I never got around to saying so until now).

Fongolia said...

Thanks for the heads up! I think mediafire is going through some rolling server upgrades so the links are kinda up & down. I've updated the post with a link to a zip file of all the songs over at SendSpace. Hopefully that'll work for you.


Claire said...

I've been looking for the 90s theme song for a ringtune for my phone. Thanks for the upload!