Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the Pig

Happy Chinese New Year, folks!

It's the Year of the Pig starting today. I'm a pig (or boar, if you prefer) and this is my year, so theoretically I should be getting off my butt and doing something productive with my life. Other notable pigs: our Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper; future prez(?), Hillary Clinton; Kevin Spacey; Rachel Weisz; a couple of my favourite directors, Alfred Hitchcock & Woody Allen; Borat star, Sasha Baron Cohen; and many more. Since the Chinese follow a lunar calendar, the new year can fall anywhere between late-January to mid-February. So if you're a January/February baby, you'd be right on the cut-off between 2 animals. Wikipedia has what I'd hope to be a fairly accurate breakdown of the date ranges for Pig years.

Are you a Pig?

The Dresden Dolls - War Pigs [originally by Black Sabbath]
Cake - War Pigs [originally by Black Sabbath]
Ozzy Osbourne & Miss Piggy - Born to Be Wild [originally by Steppenwolf]

Elton John and Canadian soft rocker Bryan Adams are among several music artists born in the Year of the Pig, so here's a cover and unlikely duet from each of them:

Aretha Franklin - Border Song [originally by Elton John]
Elton John & Ryan Adams - Daniel

John Alcorn - Run to You [originally by Bryan Adams]
Bryan Adams & Luciano Pavarotti - All for Love [originally by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting]

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