Friday, February 29, 2008

Blowin' Your Cover

We got another new neighbour in the cover blog community: blowin' your cover. The blog has been up since November, but what's new to me may be new to you. We welcome new sources for covers... a little cover diversity, if you will. Some of the last few posts include features on The Mountain Goats, Ida, Buzzcocks, and The Magnetic Fields. So if that sounds like your thing, definitely keep your ears on blowin' your cover because you probably won't find that stuff on Fong Songs, simply due to my relative unfamiliarity with those artists. Plus, the site is much more aesthetically pleasing than mine. It almost makes me want to revamp (almost).

As per Fong Songs tradition with new cover blogs, we welcome you with a cover:
Bree Sharp - We're Going to Be Friends [originally by The White Stripes]
Previously this spot has been occupied by a cover of Randy Newman's You've Got a Friend in Me, but I'm running low on those and don't really like what's remaining. Plus, I always feel a little guilty posting a Disney cover when all your Disney cover needs are nicely handled by Kurtis.

Some other blogworthy news:

  • Neil Gaiman's American Gods is available to be read online for the next month. You know, if books and libraries ain't your thing.
  • I'm going to keep directing your attention to stuff I find on Amie Street... this is US only, but all their Bauhaus albums are free, which includes covers of Bowie and the Velvet Underground in there. Dick "Misirlou" Dale also has a free album with covers of Fever and Jimi's Third Stone From the Sun.
  • This Sunday as part of the WFMU fundraising marathon, Yo La Tengo takes your cover requests! I somehow always seem to miss this every year, but this time for sure I'm making a effort to tune in online.


quietcore said...

Thanks for the spectacular welcome!

No need to revamp your site, the minimalist approach makes one focus on your words and the music. I on the other hand don't write much (or well for that matter) so I need to have a pretty site to keep the visitors entertained!

Fongolia said...

You're very welcome for the welcome! We're glad to have you around to spread the cover goodness.