Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And the winner is...

Forget the Oscars, who won those Harvey Danger CDs? Taking a cue from Boyhowdy's approach to choosing a winner, but lacking a 5-year old child or even a dog at my disposal, I enlisted the help of a borrowed 4-year old turtle named Studwin (AKA Stupid AKA Soup). This was a much more involved process than anticipated as we stared each other down at opposite ends of the hallway for 5 minutes before he made finally a move towards one of the fated scraps of paper.

Praise!Rejoice! The winner of Harvey Danger's debut CD Where Have All the Merry Gone? is... non-responsive. Um, I advise perhaps checking your SPAM box for a potential win if your initials are KH. I sent another notice tonight, but if I don't hear anything in a few weeks someone else may win by default. Rock on.
**UPDATE! We have our winner... Kate H., your CD is on its way!

And Harvey Danger's third album Little By Little... goes to Tisa A. Your prize is in the mail courtesy of Canada Post. Cue orchestra, no speech for you! Thanks for participating, folks.

Eight more days to the big show(s)!

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