Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jeremy Fisher Explains Billy Bob's Erratic Behaviour

As one would expect, Billy Bob Thornton and his Boxmasters were heckled and booed at Toronto's Massey Hall following his headline-making interview with CBC's Jian Ghomeshi. Three songs into the set opening for Willie Nelson (whom he's "never met"), he attempted to give his side of the story. Yesterday, The Boxmasters cancelled the last two stops on the Canadian tour because, according to his official website: "Boxmasters musician and crew down with the flu". Right.

There is a third side to what happened last week on the radio as Canadian singer-songwriter/homebrew animator Jeremy Fisher dished the scoop on what really happened:

That's the 4th episode of Fisher's youtube series For Real whose previous guests have included such luminaries as Colin Farrell, David Lee Roth, and most recently on the Easter edition, Mel Gibson. It's sort of like indie rock's answer to Weird Al's celebrity interviews on Al TV.

Jeremy Fisher - The Boxer (live) [originally by Simon & Garfunkel]
A live cover full of amusing banter and audience laughter that still manages to be poignant. The whole show recorded in Vancouver a few months ago is currently archived at CBC Radio 2's Concerts on Demand.

Jeremy Fisher - Solsbury Hill [originally by Pater Gabriel]
From a show recorded in Solana Beach, California hosted on the Live Archive (the only one in spite of his approval of tapers).

Jeremy Fisher - Harvest [originally by Neil Young]
From the double disc album of Neil Young covers Borrowed Tunes II by fellow Canadian artists.

By the way, lightning struck twice, this time over at CBC Radio 3 as host Tariq talked to musician-turned-ventriloquist, Shane Nelkin of The Awkward Stage... "Would you say that to Shari Lewis and Lambchop?"

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