Monday, April 20, 2009

Greasy Batch of Covers

The Boy Least Likely To - You're The One That I Want [originally from Grease]
This promo release showed up in my inbox a few days ago and I'm happy to share it since I often lament the dearth of covers from musicals. This one's decent, though not particularly groundbreaking. It's the b-side to the band's first single When Life Gives Me Lemons, I Make Lemonade from their sophomore album that was released recently. Though I'm not really a huge Grease fan, there are definitely a few other Grease covers and such hiding in my collection.

Less Than Jake - Greased Lightning [originally from Grease]
In 1996, Florida punk band Less Than Jake released Greased, an 8-song covers EP of all Grease covers.

The Vandals - Summer Lovin' [originally from Grease]
Apparently punk bands love their Grease. This one's from The Vandals on their 1990 album Fear of a Punk Planet. Moon Unit Zappa contributed guest vocals to the cover, which is actually more of a parody considering the reworked lyrics. This was the also the first album after drummer Josh Freese joined the band. You've probably been reading about him in the last couple months because of the bizarre, hilarious, and successful self-promotion of his solo album with a tiered pricing scheme. Just last week a teen fan splurged on the $20,000 package, which included an impromptu pizza party at Mark Mothersbaugh's, mingling with Slash, mini-golf with Maynard James Keenan, a song written about him, and a lot more... though there seems to be tragic subtext to how this teen was able to pony up the cash.

HLAH - Summer Nights [originally from Grease]
This is probably my favourite of this batch of covers. From New Zealand rockers HLAH (Head Like a Hole) who took their name from a Nine Inch Nails song, but were later forced to abbreviate their name due to legal issues.

Party Ben - Ooh La La Summer Nights [cast of Grease vs. The Wiseguys]
A thoroughly listenable mash-up from generally dependable, sometimes brilliant Party Ben.

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Anonymous said...

UFOFU's cover of There Are Worse Things I Can Do... is definitely worth tracking down. It was featured on an indie tribute to Grease called Sandy Does Dallas. It had some very unusual covers.