Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gwen, Franz, Sugar Ray

A couple notable covers hit this week:

  • Franz Ferdinand was in BBC's Live Lounge doing their rendition of Womanizer, which is quickly attaining Toxic levels of cover versions. I say bring 'em on since I gotta admit I actually really like most of the Womanizer covers I've heard.
  • The reunited No Doubt cover Adam & The Ants' Stand and Deliver. I read a comment somewhere that Gwen is sounding more and more like Geddy Lee and it's totally true, a fact that threatens to become very distracting upon future No Doubt playcounts.
Here are some related covers that immediately sprung to mind:

Sugar Ray - Stand and Deliver [originally by Adam & The Ants]
I used to hear this blaring out of my sister's room and it eventually came a favourite of mine, years before I found out it was a cover. It's slavishly faithful, but irresistible.

Pinmonkey - Fly [originally by Sugar Ray]
An unexpected country cover of Sugar Ray's first hit from the same album as Stand and Deliver. I found this at used CD store while cover hunting on my recent Chicago trip.

Franz Ferdinand - What You Waiting For? [originally by Gwen Stefani]
Franz Ferdinand was on BBC's Live Lounge a few years ago with this Gwen Stefani cover, which was the first single from her debut album after going solo from No Doubt.

Divide & Kreate - Waiting For My Hash Pipe [Gwen Stefani vs. Weezer]
When I first heard What You Waiting For I couldn't help but notice the similarities to Weezer's Hash Pipe. Fortunately, people more talented than me mashed together this audio evidence.

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