Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Classic Rock Covers

Here are bunch of great bands (and covers) that I've been meaning to write about for a while. It's about time they get their dues.

Shaka Labbits - That Thing You Do! [originally by The Wonders]
Reaching #7 on the Billboard charts in August 1964, this was the only hit for Erie, Pennsylvania band The Wonders. In 2003, the one hit wonder was revived in this irresistible cover by Japanese ska punk band Shaka Labbits.

Jackson Browne, Jewel, Lyle Lovett & Ghostface Killah - Walk Hard (All-Star Version) [originally by Dewey Cox]

Charlie Wadhams, Gus Seyffert & Eleni Mandell - Let's Duet [originally performed by Dewey Cox & Darlene Madison]

Dewey Cox - Starman [originally by David Bowie]
No doubt the most successful son of Springberry, Alabama, Dewey Cox was one of the most versatile and underrated performers in rock & roll, country, and disco history. The world still mourns his timely death in 2007, in fact it feels a little soon to even talk about it.

Stillwater - Hour of Need
Peter Frampton - Hour of Need
This is one of those tricky David Bowie/Mott the Hoople cover cases. The song was indeed written by Peter Frampton, but it was first recorded by unheralded 70's rockers Stillwater in 1973. Frampton himself wouldn't release his own version until nearly 20 years later.

Soundgarden - Big Bottom [originally by Spinal Tap]
A true Spinal Tap reunion is impossible in light of the tragic history of former drummers, but founding members David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel, and Derek Smalls have nevertheless set a Guinness World Record for the most reunion shows in rock & roll history. In fact, the band intends to break up and reunite at every stop on their forthcoming tour, which kicks off in Vancouver on April 17th!

The Folksmen - Start Me Up [originally by The Rolling Stones]
The original Folksmen line-up of Jerry Palter, Alan Barrows, and Mark Shubb are also Guinness World Record holders for most reunion shows in folk music history, most notably at the 2003 Tribute Show to Irving Steinbloom. Coincidentally, their latest reunion tour also kicks off in Vancouver on April 17th. Decisions, decisions!


Javejavor said...

love the "that thing you do!". the movie, directedy by tom hanks, not not so bad either!

RTP said...

stillwater was the band in almost famous.

MessengerBoy said...

The mock liner notes on the soundtrack release states "That Thing You Do" actually rose to #2 on the Billboard charts. :)

Anonymous said...

Almost Famous' Stillwater is a different band (and not bad sounding also) - these guys were a real band from the 70's - pretty good sounding stuff too!