Friday, August 01, 2008

my fanboy head is exploding

I'd like to direct your attention to several recent blog entries on the upcoming Neil Gaiman/Amanda Palmer photo book collaboration. Neil was/is hanging out with Amanda in Boston all this week.

  • Amanda talks about it here
  • Neil talks about it here and here (great pictures!)
  • Kyle Cassidy is the photographer on the project and also shot the official album cover for Who Killed Amanda Palmer?. He has multiple blog entries here.
Between the 3 of them, I think they are trying to outblog each other. Also, judging by some of the photos, Neil may have killed Amanda Palmer.

Love this American Gothic shot:

Album and book should be due mid-September. By the way, did you hear Neil's doing a 2-part Batman story to be illustrated by Andy Kubert and due in January? Cool.

I've got a real covers post going up later today. Stay tuned.

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