Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm Amazed

A few days ago, Jeff Lin & Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger played an intimate acoustic set at the Largo Little Room in Los Angeles. The capacity is only 60 people (jealous!) and the set was stripped down piano (Jeff) and vocal (Sean) takes on the Harvey Danger catalogue plus some choice covers: Old Man On The Farm (Randy Newman), Hollywood Hopeful (Loudon Wainwright III), and Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney & The Wings).

Here's an awesome video for Maybe I'm Amazed with major kudos to taper innerturmoil and Sean & Jeff for allowing it.

When it's time for the guitar solo, this ragamuffin runs in from off-stage with an acoustic guitar to perform the solo. JON BRION. Yes, my mind was officially blown.


Ray said...

Once I got over my disappointment that this post had nothing to with My Morning Jacket, that was a fun cover. I'd love to hear the Randy Newman too.

PS. Harvey Danger has hardcore fans - who knew?

Fongolia said...

Yep, HD has a small but devoted following. The whole show will apparently be up on the Internet Live Archive as a lossless download as soon as it gets approved or whatever.

John Anealio said...

Great Video. Years ago, I spent the summer in California. I made a special trip to Los Angeles just to see Jon Brion's weekly Friday night Largo gig. I'm not sure if he is still doing it, but if he is, and you are in the area, it is a must see for any cover fan. The night that I saw him, he did covers of: "Don't Dream It's Over", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "Come As You Are" and "Sir Duke". Amazing.


Fongolia said...

Yes, I took a trip to L.A. this January and one of my Must-See attractions was a show at the Largo. Jon Brion was off that week, though he is still performing there regularly. I got a chance to see the Watkins Family Hour with Sara & Sean Watkins, two-thirds of Nickel Creek with special guests. Jon Brion has been known to sit in with them in the past and John Paul Jones too! I didn't recognize any of the guests at that show, but it was fantastic nonetheless. I was lucky to have gone when I did because a month or two ago the Largo was shut down and re-located after years at that location. Now I just have to make a return trip to the new Largo!