Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mashed Up Comics

Neil Gaiman passed along this awesome link on his journal, an iconic scene from Gaiman's Sandman as if re-interpreted by Charles Schulz:

Charles Schulz's Sandman
by *DocShaner on deviantART

Actually it's a young cartoonist Evan Shaner who has several other gems in his gallery including primate versions of your favourite superheroes and a series of hero/secret identity drawings. Love his style! He's got a blog here.

Other highlights:

Hank Ketcham's Fantastic Four
by *DocShaner on deviantART
Spot-on and inspired.

The Green Machine
by *DocShaner on deviantART
Honestly, just how awesome is this picture? Answer: EXTREMELY.

Spidiana jones
by *DocShaner on deviantART
This seems to be the end result of one of those "deep" conversations you have when you're 11 years old. What if Indy was bitten by a radioactive spider?

Charles Schulz's Watchmen
by *DocShaner on deviantART
Love Snoopy Rorschach!

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Kinayda said...

That is so totally awesome. And yes, the Rorshach Snoopy is gold.