Saturday, August 16, 2008

boss boss boss boss boss boss boss boss

Neil Gaiman's off in China for 4 weeks, but his helper elf is still making updates... and I just couldn't help but notice that the title of the latest blog post is definitely a Moxy Früvous reference. Score!

"Clark Kent reached the highest height with the help of Perry White"
Moxy Früvous - I Love My Boss
An ode to bosses from the album known as B. One day while listening to an instrumental version of Brazil, my mind automatically filled in the lyrics "...he chased me three blocks with a gun." And that's when I came to the sudden realization that I Love My Boss, which I had listened to for years, is a take-off on Brazil. Not a cover mind you, just a slight variation.

The Arcade Fire - Brazil [originally by Ary Barroso]
One of my favourite versions of the standard from 1939, originally known as Aquarela do Brasil (Watercolor of Brazil).

By the way, make sure you catch the last two featurettes on Coraline.

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