Monday, June 30, 2008

New Bond Trailer!

Sweet! First trailer of Quantum of Solace has arrived! Other than The Dark Knight, this is the film I'm most pumped about this year (wait, did I previously say that about Indy?). Both series have a bit in common with their triumphant reboot/revamp approach to franchises that had descended into mediocrity. Franchise most in need of a reboot: Alien. Let's get back to the Ridley Scotts and James Camerons of directing, and forget the Paul W.S. Andersons and Brothers Strauses, ugh.

David Arnold - The Name's Bond...James Bond
A mild revamp of the classic theme that closed out Casino Royale. Arnold has scored every Bond film since Tomorrow Never Dies, but I was surprised to learn that his album of Bond theme covers Shaken and Stirred actually came out before he became the franchise's composer. In fact, that album directly led to him getting the gig based on a recommendation from John Barry, the embodiment of Bond music, who did the themes/music for pretty much every film between Dr. No and The Living Daylights.

Look forward for a solid week of Bond theme covers when Quantum of Solace comes out November 7.

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