Monday, June 23, 2008

Musquodoboit School of Rock

A few weeks ago I posted about a special gig in Nova Scotia with three school choirs performing songs by indie Canadian artists. On a recent CBC Radio 3 podcast, they spoke with the music teacher/organizer, Jarred Gates, Julie Doiron who was on hand to hear them cover her songs, and to some of the choir kids.

CBC Radio 3's School of Rock Special, report by CBC Halifax's Phlis McGregor
Here's the clip from the podcast specifically about the indie kids. Throughout you can hear snippets of the kids singing Feist's 1234, Julie Doiron's Me and My Friend, and Joel Plaskett Emergency's Nowhere With You, the latter of which they played more or less in its entirety.

Musquodoboit Kids - Nowhere With You [originally by Joel Plaskett Emergency]
Very reminiscent of the Langley Schools Music Project. I'd love to hear a full recording someday since I have the sneaking suspicion the CBC recorded the whole thing. Let me just throw this idea out there: school fundraiser perhaps?

The kids' music teacher is the singer/guitarist of a local Halifax band called The UpBeat. Here's their Myspace page and profile on CBC's New Music Canada.

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