Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Max Vernon Wants YOU

...to listen to his music and be his myspace friend! Max Vernon appeared out of nowhere a couple months ago with his most excellent classical/electro/doo-wop cover of Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl. He's trying to get the word out about his music and I'm more than happy to lend a hand since I became an instant fan the second I checked out his originals on myspace.

A few of my faves:

Max Vernon - No Exit

Max Vernon - Open Casting Calls (live)

Max Vernon - When Your Body Breaks
Beautiful song. This honestly deserves some solid round the clock airplay somewhere.

Listen/download more at his myspace site.

From his blog:
"I basically spent most of my savings creating these recordings, but i'm not particularly interested in selling them. I would much rather be able to give them away for free in exchange for feeling like i'm apart of a larger musical community, and knowing that people are getting some kind of enjoyment from what I put all my time, heart, and soul into."

So there you go. Great music for freeeeeeeeeeeee, bwahahhahhaha!

"I will send a CD filled with all of my songs, including b-sides and rarities probably no one else has, and old recordings that i'm sure you will be able to oneday blackmail me with, along with a personalized message (and maybe even some other goodies...) to anyone that can help get me 15 new myspace friends. Let's be pen-pals."

So jump aboard the Max Vernon bandwagon, become Max's myspace pal, spread the word, eat chocolate, but most importantly throw his songs on your music player of choice and simply listen. You'll become a fan, I know it.

Max Vernon's corner of the internet:

  • Myspace

  • Sonicbids

  • Youtube

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    K said...

    I love Max Vernon and I'm sure, soon, so will the rest of the world!