Saturday, July 19, 2008

Muppet Covers Week, Day 6: Pinball Number Count Rehashed

I rarely post on Saturdays so today I'm going to cheat a bit. I've reactivated the mp3 links on my Pinball Number Count post back from January, still one of my most popular posts ever. There you'll find numerous covers, remixes, and foreign versions of the classic Sesame Street short. Enjoy it while you can!

Here are a couple more new variations I've come across since then:

Kai Kln - Counting Song
The sneering rock version cover of the Pinball Number Count was missing in action... until now! Actually this was recorded in 1990 as a bonus track to Kai Kln's debut album Rhythm of Stranger, which is entirely available to download on the Internet Archive.

South Rakkas Crew - Twelve [feat. Geefus & Ninja Kid]
The South Rakkas Crew are an Orlando-based production duo who originally hail from the Greater Toronto Area. Their myspace site classifies them as reggae / electro / hip hop. Reader Justin pointed this out back in January.

T.H.C. - 1,2,3,4,5
Thanks to reader Sean who mentioned this one.

From the Live Music Archive:

  • Bear - Pinball Number Count (live)

  • Juggling Suns - Pinball Number Count (live)
    note: the mp3 has mislabelled tags, but it IS the right song

  • STRUT - Pinball Number Count (live)
    There are some other Muppet/Sesame Street covers from the same gig

    I haven't heard it, but there's also a college a cappella cover of the Pinball Number Count by a group called Wibijazz'n on their CD In the Pocket. Let me know if you find any other versions I haven't mentioned!

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