Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Code Monkey Cover

It's been approximately 569 days and counting, waiting in vain for that Harvey Danger cover of Jonathan Coulton's Code Monkey. Well, The Grammar Club beat them to it.

The Grammar Club - Code Monkey [originally by Jonathan Coulton]
Fairly straight forward cover until the, uh, much needed rap break? Whatever, the world can always use more JoCo covers. I've never heard of The Grammar Club either, but here's their website.

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Adam said...

Hey! How could you possibly not have heard of The Grammar Club? They're amazingly awesome. Go get their album, now!

Oh, and thanks for the note; I only know they've released new stuff when Shael Riley (who, in turn, I know from the vgmixing community, though he's been off doing his own nerdcore thing for the past few years) posts about it to his lj. Wonder why he didn't.