Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Yesterday was The White Stripes cover story on Coverville (check it out!) in honour of Jack White's birthday, which is today. Well, that's as good an excuse as any to post some White Stripes covers. As the Jack White philosophy goes, three is the magic number so here's to b-day #33. Happy Birthday Jack!

A little story for you: Last week I finally got my White Stripes Glace Bay aluminum poster framed. I happened to be walking by a frame store nearby and impulsively went in to get an estimate. Yes, I've been carrying scribbled poster dimensions in my wallet for such an occasion. Satisfied with the price, I walked home and gingerly brought back my poster to be framed after one year, two flights, three provinces, and a roadtrip later. I couldn't help but smirk as The Raconteurs' Store Bought Bones happened to be playing on a stereo as I walked back into the framing place.

"You can't buy what you can't find; What you can't buy, what you find; What you can't buy, what you can..."

Eerily fitting music in more than one way. On eBay, the poster itself could sell for over $1000, though I wouldn't dream of selling it. I was thinking a simple black frame since I didn't want to detract from the poster itself. I had basically settled on one frame when an attentive employee who had been overseeing the transaction came over and said "What about this one?" holding a frame sample that "just came in today". All three of us went "OOOOOOoohh". It was perfect. It was black with just a hint of red on the edges when you look at it from certain angles. Beautiful. Thanks to the folks at Framagraphic for doing a great job!

3 covers of:

Nikka Costa - The Denial Twist [originally by The White Stripes]

Mary Shelley Overdrive - The Hardest Button to Button [originally by The White Stripes]

The Fratellis - Hotel Yorba [originally by The White Stripes]

3 covers by:

The White Stripes - Stop Breaking Down (Live) [originally by Robert Johnson]
A slower, smoother live version than the one that appeared on their debut album. An early pre-cursor to Ball & Biscuit.

The White Stripes - Lord, Send Me an Angel [originally by Blind Willie McTell]

The Raconteurs - Keep It Clean (live at Bonnaroo) [originally by Charley Jordan]
Find the original on the Internet Music Archive here.


S said...

I can't believe that no one commented yet. Thanks for the awesome White Stripes covers! (I see that you posted at 3:33.) :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across your blog this morning, and just wanted to thank you for posting our version of "Hardest Button To Button". It's always cool to see ourselves mentioned alongside Nikki Costa and The Fratellis.

Our latest EP, Hideous Sexy (from which "Button" came from), is a collection of cover songs pulled from rehearsals, outtakes and recording sessions from the past year. Including our takes on everything from Black Flag To Bo Diddley, "Hideous Sexy" is available for free and legal download at the following link:

If 2shared gives you any problems (we've heard that some people can't get it to download properly), we've also got a Megaupload link you can access from our website

Thanks again,

Mary Shelley Overdrive

K said...

Hey, I framed that badass poster!
Glad you like it.

Fongolia said...

Wow, you're kidding... thanks so much! Not only is the poster spectacular, the frame is more perfect than I could have imagined. Makes me smile every time I look at it.