Friday, September 14, 2007


Over the past couple years, I reckon I've posted close to 30 Zeppelin covers. Here are some more:

Ann & Nancy Wilson - The Battle of Evermore (live)
Did you know Heart started off as a Led Zeppelin tribute band? Strange but true (at least I think it's true). This underrated track from Zeppelin IV probably has the most blatant Tolkien allusions of all their songs.

Ike & Tina Turner - Whole Lotta Love
One of the grooviest Zeppelin covers.

Pride & Glory - In My Time of Dyin'
From Physical Graffiti, this was Zeppelin's longest track and one of my favourites. It's 2 minutes longer than Freebird, yet somehow never drags. Originally a traditional folk song recorded by Blind Willie Johnson, a version also appeared on Bob Dylan's debut album. But Zeppelin takes it and runs away with it like only Zeppelin can. Pride & Glory was a one-off side project by Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde.

Michael Armstrong - The Rain Song
From those Rockabye Baby! albums.

Orchestre National de Jazz - Black Dog
From an entire Zeppelin orchestral album called Close to Heaven. Though this is not your typical orchestra.

Dread Zeppelin - Heartbreaker (At the End of Lonely Street)
Robert Plant once said Dread Zeppelin was his favourite Zeppelin cover band. Joke or no joke, their my favourite too. Reggae-tinged Zeppelin with an Elvis impersonator on lead vocals? It works, I tells ya!

DJ Z-Trip - Zed Triplen (live)
A live remix of Custard Pie and other snippets.

Mutual Admiration Society - Gallows Pole (live)
Mutual Admiration Society was a collaboration between Nickel Creek and Glen Phillips (formerly of Toad the Wet Sprocket). Mr. John Paul Jones himself toured with them as a special guest and I guess they weren't immune to pulling out a couple ol' Zeppelin tracks!

Now scoring some tickets to that reunion show is going to be a major challenge, but we'll see... fingers crossed!

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teflonjedi said...

Dread Zeppelin...haven't heard these guys in nearly 20 years...thanks!