Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jason Webley & Amanda Palmer & Evelyns

Here's a treat if you're a fan of Jason Webley, The Dresden Dolls, or both. I just got the word from Jason's mailing list that his latest collaboration is ready to be pre-ordered. It's the long-awaited (by me anyway) project that Jason Webley worked on with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. Earlier this summer, Jason was booking his own tour dates and sent out a mass e-mail asking if he should come to Edmonton and/or Calgary (a rare question from ANY artist). Of course, I responded a resounding yes, but unfortunately the proposed date that he was available clashed with our city's Folk Fest (death to other concurrent live music acts). So he went to Calgary and not Edmonton, but I thought it was way cool he asked and even personally responded. If you're unfamiliar with Jason Webley, google his brilliantly catchy song Eleven Saints. Incidentally, I found out about him last year from Neil Gaiman's journal, who also turned me onto The Ditty Bops a few years back. Impeccable taste, that fellow.

All you really need to know about the collaboration is that it's Jason, Amanda, and conjoined twin sisters both named Evelyn. It's a 3-song 7" vinyl with a 6-track bonus CD and one of the songs is a cover of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart. Act fast since there will only be 1,111 copies made and apparently the Dresden Dolls mailing will be notified Thursday. Full story and ordering details here.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting on Amanda's debut solo album, which is being produced by Mr. Ben Folds. I still haven't gotten over the cancelled Ben Folds cruise, on which Amanda would have been a special guest.


LMS said...

Amanda and Ben are just trying to break our hearts aren't they? I've been trying to distract myself with shinny objects until her album is released...

Fongolia said...

On the bright side, Ben looks to be be heading to work on a new album this month! Oddly, he'll be recording at a Chicago studio, not his own Nashville one. Perhaps because it's still occupied by Amanda?

Ben Heads into the Studio

Fongolia said...

Coincidentally, Amanda is featured in this week's Random Rules, a regular Onion AV Club feature where some artist goes through their iPod on shuffle with commentary.

Random Rules: Amanda Palmer

Check it out.