Saturday, August 20, 2005

What about Bill?

Just watched Broken Flowers last night. Thus, I was inspired to throw together this unlikely combo of a song covered by Bill Murray and a cover of a Bill Murray song(!).

Bill Murray - More Than This [originally by Roxy Music]
This karaoke version was a hidden track on the Lost in Translation soundtrack.

Lounge Brigade - Star Wars [originally by John Williams, lyrics by Bill Murray(?)]
This one is odd since it's actually a cover of a cover song. The original cover was Bill Murray as a sleazy lounge singer in an SNL skit, which makes this new cover (in a more polished lounge style) a bit redundant. Like those SNL skits after 1am, it goes on a little too long to retain its humour.

Bonus cover:
More lyricized sci-fi theme fun: Tenacious D - Star Trek

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