Thursday, August 11, 2005

Covering Jack & Meg

Double post! trying to get some content on this here blog...

Continuing the theme of White Stripes and covers, here are two unique covers that stray far from the original, but are both quite successful, IMHO.

Seven Nation Army
A sort of jazz-funkified 7 Nation Army by Nostalgia 77 (AKA Ben Lamdin) with wailing vocals by Alice Russell. I like it.

Fell in Love With a Boy
I'm sure you've all already heard this, but Joss Stone's gender-swapping, soul-stylin' take on this White Stripes song is quite nifty. I even heard one sacriligious reviewer attribute this to Joss Stone with The White Stripes doin' the covering (?!). This is from her album The Soul Sessions, which is all cover songs. It's hard to believe she was 16 when she recorded this. Listen to that husky voice! Wow.

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