Friday, July 30, 2010


Been too busy, no substantial post forthcoming.
Off to the Island for the long weekend!

The Ten Pound Suit Band - Breathe [originally by The Prodigy]
The Prodigy by way of the Squirrel Nut Zippers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fong,
It's my fault I was too late for Kenny Rogers' television show longplay Willin' zip file, cause it seems to be not working anymore. Is there any chance you'd re-up the link, I'd so like to hear that record, which btw is nowhere to be found, not even googled. Many thanks and hope the summer is treating you well,


Anonymous said...

The elpee is of course called Rollin' not Willin' as I stated wrongly, my fault. Silly me and all that...


Fongolia said...

Hi Izzy,

I'm well aware the album is practically ungoogleable, which is why I was so ecstatic to snap up my very own copy on vinyl! I just re-posted a link in the comments of that post.