Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Power of The Apples

I've recently become enamoured with The Apples, a 9-piece instrumental funk band from Israel whose cover of Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name is, well, killer. It sounds as if the Dap-Kings horn section enlisted a couple turntablists to create a unique fusion of retro funk and modern hip hop. In fact, if you look at their line-up, The Apples consist of a four-piece horn section, drums, double bass, two turntablists, and someone on "Sound Console & Live Effects". Yeah, no guitars, no keyboards. After a few tasty samples, I immediately ate up the rest of their debut 2008 release Buzzin' About from eMusic. Mmmmm... sweet, delicious Apples.

The Apples - The Power [originally by Snap!]
Check out their cover of early 90s hit The Power, which I falsely remembered as being C&C Music Factory. Also make sure to head on over to Versions Galore to hear The Apples' funktastic rendition of Killing in the Name.


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Thanks for the plug man!