Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Kleptones present Uptime/Downtime

The Kleptones - War of Confusion [Genesis vs. Edwin Starr]
This was one of my favourite mash-ups of 2007 from The Kleptones, brainchild of Brighton DJ Eric Kleptone. His mash-ups are among the ambitious I've ever heard, combining elements of rock, hip hop, electro, movie samples, and whatever into a wholly cohesive new music creation. Often it's hard to simply label his mash-ups as "X BAND vs. Y BAND" because of the sheer amount and diversity of samples used.

The Kleptones kicked off the new year by releasing a brand new double CD mash-up album, Uptime/Downtime. Download the whole thing here. Someone's even started a sample breakdown on wikipedia, so you can get a sense of the broad scope of the source songs. From my initial listens, highlights so far include Can't Be Paranoid (Garbage vs. Genesis) and MKY Da HVN (Pixies, Rage Against the Machine, Cream, Iron Butterfly, and more).

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