Friday, December 05, 2008

Rockwell & MJ were on to something

Things were slowly getting back into semi-normal, but alas rat-a-tat-tat here comes more fun with "Don't be evil" Google and colleagues. I got another DMCA notification and Blogger deletion for an old Max Vernon post. I panicked, thinking it was my big Max Vernon interview, which recalled 17 Seconds' Glasvegas debacle, but oddly enough it was the post from back in July when I first discovered his I Kissed a Girl cover. I'd re-post it without the mp3 links, but there were no mp3 links. Yay. kindly informed me yesterday it deleted the PoZitive Orchestra's cover of The Girl From Ipanema for infringement. Fine, be that way. The whole account will be deleted effective next Thursday anyway, so it's not such a big deal (grab any last active links while you can!). I didn't mention it earlier, but the last straw which led to my account been deactivated was actually a Max Vernon original song, which when it was expunged had Max e-mailing them to give them an earful to sort things out. A week later, my account was cancelled. Yay.

Also, check my last post's comments, for an odd message from the Web Sheriff commending me for talking about Andrew Bird without posting pirate links. Yaaaarrrr.

Morris Day - Somebody's Watching Me [originally by Rockwell]
Warmen - Somebody's Watching Me [originally by Rockwell]
"I always feel like somebody's watching me... who's playing tricks on me?"

I was naïvely hoping this whole anti-blogger campaign would blow over, but it's obviously not. Sigh. I'm mentally projecting lumps of coal in the stockings of my enemies.


How Marvellous... said...

hey, great versions; never heard these.

Alicia said...

Any idea what you'll be doing next?

I'm absolutely disgusted by how all you guys are being treated, and it really does seem like those companies don't want anyone hearing their music, EVER. Not sure how they plan to make those billions they're using to sue everyone (I don't know anyone who listens to the radio anymore, since several years ago at least; that used to be how I was introduced to new music).

Anonymous said...

Morris Day & The Time fans, if you haven’t seen them LIVE, you are truly missing out on one of the greatest shows you will EVER see. Fo’ sho’. I saw them back in ’98 in Seattle and it was dope. Well Hot 92.3 in L.A. is giving tix away to their show with Teena Marie Feb 15th in L.A. Peep this:

Keith Axlerod

Fongolia said...

I plan to keep plugging away until they outright take my blog away...

Dane said...

Yeah, they nailed me for the first time this week, too. It was Springsteen's Born to Run.

So now they're deleting posts that don't even have mp3s attached? Nice.

What Alicia said; I haven't listened to anything but oldies radio in more than a decade. Blogs are my only way of learning about new music/music new to me.

Anonymous said...

Urg. Way to shoot themselves in the foot. Another vote for "blogs are the only way I get my music". Keep up the good work!

boyhowdy said...

You had a post deleted because it talked ABOUT an artist without posting any mp3s?

Ok, I give up. There is no rubric I can imagine, regardless of efficacy, which would have netted that result, UNLESS the labels are simply searching for the name of their artists, and issuing take-downs based on that search. In which case, Spin, Time Magazine, and People Magazine would seem to be the next victims. Pity they're owned by the same media conglomerates as the labels...I can't wait to see the industry eat itself.

Fongolia said...

Eh, technically there were mp3s (links long since removed) but to Max's originals and his Katy Perry cover, at the time all available from myspace. Also, some Jill Sobule covers from hotlinked from her website. Still... barely makes sense. Heartless robots!