Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12/10/2008 update

Hey-o, just a quick update to let you folks know I'll have a real post coming soon... My dad's been visiting since the weekend and I have barely touched my computer in the last few days except to answer week-old e-mails. But first, I'm off to see Amanda Palmer tonight! If it's even half as amazing as the last time I saw her, it'll still be spectacular.


Ray said...

Sir, that is completely inexcusable. You have let down me, you have let down your readers, and you have let down the internet. I hope you will take a long hard look at your priorities and try to pull your life together. I don't know if not posting for five days is technically illegal, but just in case I have reported you to the proper authorities.


Fongolia said...

Spies all around me!