Monday, October 13, 2008

By the Numbers

Impending cover album alert! Miami pop band The Postmarks are releasing a cover album, By the Numbers, which will feature covers of number-related songs. I'm looking forward to this after inadvertently stumbling upon their cover of You Only Live Twice while searching for Bond covers (uh, blatant post foreshadowing). That cover along with Bowie's Five Years, Antonio Carlos Jobim's One Note Samba, and more were available for free on eMusic as they were being released each month. Don't bother checking, they've been removed in anticipation of the new album. I didn't realize the full story until Stereogum's Gum Drop newsletter arrived last week with a mini-interview of The Postmarks. The big revelation for me was that the penultimate last track on the album is the Pinball Number Count! As regular readers will know, I'm a little obsessed with that song.

1. One Note Samba [Antonio Carlos Jobim]
2. You Only Live Twice [Nancy Sinatra]
3. Three Little Birds [Bob Marley]
4. OX4 [Ride]
5. Five Years [David Bowie]
6. Six Different Ways [The Cure]
7. 7-11 [The Ramones]
8. Eight Miles High [The Byrds]
9. Nine Million Rainy Days [The Jesus & Mary Chain]
10. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue [Ray Rodgers]
11. 11:59 [Blondie]
12. Pinball Number Count [The Pointer Sisters]

Release date? 11/11.


That Queer Chick said...

This does look like fun! I'm sorry I missed the individual track releases.

One thing: I'm guessing by the way the song titles line up with the track numbers that this is in correct order, which makes 11:59 the penultimate song and Pinball Number Count the last song.

Fongolia said...

Ha ha, of course. Some misuse of the word there by me. In my mind, the Pinball Number Count is the ultimate song anyway!

Kurtis said...

What a great concept! More bands should do stuff like this!