Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ben Folds Reunion Up

The Ben Folds Reunion concert is up on MySpace's Front to Back site now. Overseas fans are getting the shaft and that includes Canada since the 49th Parallel now extends into cyberspace. Yes, it's US only. The rest of us are slapped with a unexplained "error". Presumably it's awesome, though a DVD better be forthcoming since it doesn't include the encore.

***UPDATE: lowly non-Americans can view it at forums. You can catch a blurry glimpse of me at the 39 second mark! Time to play Where's Fongo?

This month marks the 35th anniversary of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, a stunning album whose tracklist reads like a greatest hits compilation: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Bennie & the Jets, Candle in the Wind, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting... and the rest is all killer, no filler too. On Monday, "Elton John & Friends" played a benefit concert in NYC playing the whole album in its entirety, but fans who paid upwards of $2500 a ticket were somewhat pissed when it soon became apparent that it was more "Friends" than Sir John who came out for the last three songs only. Ben Folds was on hand to play not one, but TWO covers! Grey Seal and This Song Has No Title, two lesser known but great tracks. I hope there's a DVD of this too!

The C&D scare Monday derailed plans for a Goodbye Yellow Brick Road cover post, but I could only find covers of 9 of the 17 tracks anyway. I don't know how Ray over at Cover Me makes it look so easy when he compiles a full covered album! There seems to be some sort of Blogger crackdown these past couple weeks and I know I'm not the only one affected. At least one blog I read received the same notice a couple days ago and there are plenty others too. No worries, Fong Songs won't be packing it in quite yet, I'll just be more discerning about the songs I post.

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alicia said...

You're not missing much on the MySpace site, I think. I really, REALLY wanted to cry, because the whole concert just cut out a few bars into Magic (for some reason, the damn thing would only play 19 minutes/50-something). I'm going to try the other site you listed though, thanks.