Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indie Kids, pt. 2

I just read on the CBC Radio 3 comments board that those shows in Halifax would be held at elementary schools and not be open to the public, however "they might, just might, do a recording with CBC in Halifax - and that would likely be a public event." We'll keep our fingers crossed for that.

By request:
Langley Schools Music Project - Desperado [originally by The Eagles]
Unlike the other Langley Schools covers which had choirs of up to 60 vocalists, this is simply a remarkable solo performance by 9-year-old Sheila Behman accompanied by piano. The title of the album Innocence & Despair is actually the phrase that music teacher Hans Fenger used to describe this very performance. On one of last year's Inventories, the Onion AV Club declared this one of 14 cover songs better than the original, saying, "the simplicity and seriousness of her sad-angel singing lends the song a surprising poignancy that Don Henley's considerably glossier original doesn't approach."

Moxy Früvous - The Kids' Song
In the early 90's, the federal government of Canada established a public commission, The Citizen's Forum on National Unity, in response "to a perception that the country's unity was being threatened by linguistic and regional divisions," this after the failed Meech Lake Accord designed to bring Québec into the Canadian Constitution. Also known as The Spicer Commission (after its chairperson Keith Spicer), the commission probed Canadians on the future of Canada, gathering feedback on subjects such as Canadian identity and values, bilingualism, constitutional issues, and cultural diversity. OK, mini social studies lesson over. That should provide some context for this Moxy Früvous tune about the overlooked toddler demographic.

By the way, head over to Cover Lay Down today for my guest post featuring folk covers with a boxing theme including a zinger of a bonus cover by Muhammad Ali.


Anonymous said...

Greetings, I've been enjoying you blog for a while, thanks for the posts. I was on youtube and found a video you might appreciate. Nothing too special or monumental, but you mentioned this video in a blog once (don't remember when, thus inserting comment randomly, sorry) and I too was curious about how to find it. Thank youtube!
Whalen's pregnant with her daughter, and the maxwell/mosher duo are already gone, so I'm guessing this is 99 or so. Funny, since "Lid" was written by Maxwell.
Hope you still enjoy the band as much as I do. Otherwise, sorry for the clutter. Cheers.

-Cassie from NC

Fongolia said...

Awesome! Thanks so much. To me it is a little special and monumental, having scoured for this clip for years and eventually giving up. This will be a welcome addition to a very special set of posts coming up soon on Fong Songs. Stay tuned...