Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Okie Dokie, Back to Business

So as I'm sure some of you may have figured out, yesterday's post was in honour of April Fools' Day and Fong Songs was temporarily spammed to hell. I'm not usually prone to making pranks of any kind, so I even surprised myself by getting sucked into the delicate art of writing spam. Believe me, writing fake spam is harder than you'd think. All the examples were based on spam in my gmail spam box, catered to my whims. The astute reader, and I know there were more than a few of you, would have been able to decipher my cryptic clues to find links to appropriate cover songs:

Jason Mraz & Chrissie Hynde - The Joker/Everything I Own [originally by the Steve Miller Band/Bread]
Pocket Lent - The Joker [originally by the Steve Miller Band]
Snooper - Lovefool [originally by The Cardigans]
Michael Gum - Lovefool [originally by The Cardigans]
ManĂ¡ - Fool in the Rain [originally by Led Zeppelin]

There were also bonus covers hidden in the comments, including a few from an unsolicited spammer that was not in fact me... Miss Chechen Lindstrom of Kenya, taking a cue from some buddies in Nigeria, left me a nice message. Apparently she's a fan of Britney!

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - The Fool on the Hill [originally by The Beatles]
Hoja - Foolish Games [originally by Jewel]
The Commitments - Chain of Fools [originally by Aretha Franklin]
Go Home Productions - Crazy Little Fool [Queen vs. The Beatles]

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