Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Border Songs

Where are you going?
What is the purpose of your visit?
I'm going to a concert.
A what?
Um, a rock concert.
You're in a band?
Uh, no.
Where is this show?
Uh, Neumo's or Neomo's... something like that.
Where's your ticket?
Uh, I'm supposed to pick it up from the venue.
You got a receipt or something?
Uh, no. To get in, I just need a photo ID and my credit card.
Who're you going to see?
The Raconteurs.
The Racon-what?
How do you spell that?
R. [starts typing]
Consolers of the Lonely?
Yeah, that's them.
Are you lonely?
Uh, no.
[repeats] Consolers of the Lonely.
Yeah, that's the name of their new album.
Okay, we're finished here.


Aretha Franklin - Border Song [originally by Elton John]
Eric Clapton - Border Song [originally by Elton John]
Diana Krall - Border Song [originally by Elton John]
Boko Suzuki - Border Song [originally by Elton John]

The White Stripes - Tennessee Border (live) [originally by Hank Williams]
The Raconteurs - Headin' For the Texas Border (live at Austin City Limits) [originally by The Flamin' Groovies]


Where do you live?
Where you coming from?
When did you arrive?
What for?
A concert.
Who was playing?
The Raconteurs.
How much were tickets?
Uh, to the show?
This $37 you have marked here-- for those posters you got there?


Marc said...

Where did you get that copy of Tenn. Border ? Is that from the Cannery Ballroom show in Nashville ? I was there and I'd love to get a copy of that show.

Fongolia said...

I think this is from that show, but it was officially released as an "iTunes exclusive" track with the Icky Thump pre-order. Good thing The Raconteurs did away with those types of "exclusive" tracks this time around because it's a slap in the face to the fans who actually want a physical CD or record. Anyway, as far as I can tell, there was no bootleg of the Nashville show (or at least no one's sharing it).

favian said...

agree 100%. at least let me buy it off itunes for a dollar, no stringes attached.