Monday, December 03, 2007

Cover Me

There's yet another cover blog on the block (we're practically a neighbourhood!) simply called Cover Me. Cover Me blogger Ray has actually had his cover blog up for over a month now, but what's new to me may be new to you as well. By the way, he's over at Covering the Mouse today with a guest Disney post. On Cover Me, Ray posts thematically-linked covers with commentary and we all know there's plenty of cover songs to go around. If a thousand monkeys on a thousand keyboards wrote a thousand cover blogs, would we run out of cover songs? Probably not. And in that teeny-tiny profile photo, is that Jack & Meg I see hovering over the boy clawing at his own face? That's 10, 000 bonus points, good sir. Welcome to the club!

Steve Tyrell with Dr. John - You've Got a Friend in Me [originally by Randy Newman for Disney's Toy Story]
As per unofficial Fong Songs welcome policy, new cover blogs are greeted by this modern classic from Toy Story. Important notice for any prospective cover bloggers: I've only got 7 more of these covers left. This is from jazz musician Steve Tyrell's album of Disney standards, unimaginatively named Steve Tyrell: The Disney Standards. Here, he's joined by Dr. John whose distinct voice and ivory ticklin' I'm a fan of.

Jamie Cullum - Seven Nation Army (live) [originally by The White Stripes]
This is my cover find of the week. I've been a big fan of Jamie Cullum since he burst on the scene scaring jazz and cover purists everywhere. And to find him covering another of my favourite bands is exciting indeed. I knew Jamie covered Seven Nation Army at his concerts many times including some terrible quality youtube videos. Sometimes it's part of a medley of other covers, but this was the first time I got my grubby hands on a quality live recording of the whole song. Using one of those sample and looping machines, Jamie builds up the distinct riff with his voice then proceeds to jingle jangle on the keys while singing one of the better cover versions of this song that I've heard.


Ray said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! That's a great Seven Nation a very strange way. Have you heard Chris Hill's Dead Leaves? My favorite Stripes cover.

On a small note, noticed the coveringthemouse link points back to your page. A ploy to get more hits ;)

Fongolia said...

You're right, Chris Thile (sorry to correct you) of Nickel Creek did an amazing cover. It's also my favourite White Stripes cover followed by Nostalgia 77's version of Seven Nation Army.

I fixed the link. I forgot to provide a URL so it just linked back to my own site, ha ha. Nice Under the Sea cover, by the way. Hadn't heard that one before.