Monday, August 13, 2007

TV Covers (Take 2)

Let's try that again shall we?

Basically what I was about to say was that I've been bogged down with work and stuff, so therefore I've been too busy and lazy to post much lately. A planned post about the Calgary Folk fest is still coming... several weeks after the fact. But in the meantime, enjoy some TV theme covers. Better yet, covers of television shows that have been the subject of dubious big screen adaptations recently or in the near future. And let us never prepare drafts in blogger again.

The Blanks - Underdog
Now really, who in the world would be inspired to make or see this movie??? Gee, I can't wait for a live action Snagglepuss, Top Cat, or Yogi Bear movie. Ooh, they could do Tom & Jerry with an actual cat and mouse. And Jason Lee can play a wacky neighbour...

The Blanks are the real-life acapella band of Ted (Sam Lloyd) on Scrubs. They've got a whole CD of television cover songs available at CD Baby. May there never be a Scrubs movie.

Cars Can Be Blue - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This cover is hilariously bad. Or possibly just plain bad. At the very least, it might bring a smile to your face. "Michelangelo is a party dude....... PARRRRRTAY!!!" I was almost tempted to see the animated remake of this based solely on fond childhood memories. Almost.

DJ Keoki - Speed Racer Theme (Porno mix)
I must admit I've never seen the original cartoon. In the hands of the Wachowski brothers, this film remake could be very, very interesting. Say what you want about the tail-end of the Matrix trilogy, their involvement definitely elevates this project from a write-off to a must-see.

Mute Math - Transformers theme
I was not a fan of this movie. I tried to check my brain at the door, but it was still insulting. Bah! Incidentally, Mute Math will be dropping by in Edmonton next month.

Tito Puente & His Latin Ensemble - The Simpsons Theme
Against all odds, the Simpsons Movie was actually quite funny and consistently throughout. As a fan who stopped watching practically 10 years ago only to sporadically tune in for a mediocre episode once a year, this came as both a surprise and relief. Woohoo!

Agent Orange - Get Smart
The Toasters - Get Smart
They've assembled quite an eclectic cast for this one, yet the director's resumé does little to inspire confidence. Steve Carell is most obvious choice of contemporary actors to fill Don Adams shoes, but that doesn't mean he's not the best choice. Just be thankful we didn't end up with someone like Matthew Broderick... or French Stewart. Anyway, I'll play "wait and see" with this one. And we can probably expect a cover of the theme song for next year's soundtrack, so we'll always have that to look forward to.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! The Transformer movie was rather disappointing. The Get Smart movie looks promising, but Hollywood loves to ruin good things =)