Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Rodrigo y Gabriela Barrage

Good news for Rodrigo y Gabriela fans, at least American ones. Starting today, it's Rod y Gab week on MTV. A message from their FaceBook page:

"This week Rod y Gab are being featured as the artist of the week on the new MTV campaign the "52/52"

All through out the week you will be able to see live performances, videos, and clips of Rod y Gab during MTVs regularly scheduled programming. They will seriously be showing things every commerical break, so you will be able to catch Rod y Gab at any time during on any day this week!

This is such an amazing opportunity for Rod y Gab! This is going to expose them to a whole new audience!

Good for them. The more people that discover them, the better. The craziest news however was slipped in at the end of an update on their official site:
"RyG to appear along side the Killers and Marilyn Manson on Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack reissue. Danny Elfman asked Rod and Gab to record Mr Oogie Boogie for a special edition release of the soundtrack."

Now we know that last year in conjunction with the 3D re-release of Nightmare Before Christmas, they released a special edition soundtrack with covers by Panic! at the Disco (blech!), Marilyn Manson, Fall Out Boy, She Wants Revenge, and Fiona Apple. But this is the first I've heard of another (triple-dip?) soundtrack, though with covers by The Killers and Rodrigo y Gabriela, I'll bite. That's really cool if Danny Elfman himself chose them to do Oogie Boogie's Song. I can't find mention of this anywhere else, although I did learn here that 3D Nightmare Before Christmas will be back in theatres this Halloween, which is great since it played nowhere near me last year. It'd be awesome if this becomes the new Rocky Horror Picture Show or something, in terms of coming to theatres every year. It'd be even MORE awesome if a new Nightmare Before Christmas covers album is released every year, ha ha. Intriguing....

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