Friday, March 30, 2007

Interstate '76 OFFICIAL Soundtrack. OH YEAH!

It exists, I found it, and it's here. The official soundtrack to Interstate '76, which I have searched for on and off for 10 years has been unearthed. For some context, you can check out some old posts. I once wrote "I would kill for this soundtrack, though it may be lost for eternity." Luckily, I did not have to commit murder nor was the soundtrack lost forever. Strangely enough, I was scouring google to find that finale music from the classic SNES game A Link to the Past (perhaps one of the most satisfying game endings I can think of), when I came across the Galbadia Hotel, the most insanely overwhelming, comprehensive collection of video game soundtracks (and anime soundtracks) imaginable. I literally spent a couple hours lost on that site listening to old songs from Lemmings, Worms (I love that that theme!), old music from NHL '99, Lupin III soundtracks... it goes on and on. Anyway, I'm thinking "Well, they've got so many soundtracks, but there's NO WAY they have Interstate '76." So I see a link to "Interstate '7 Official Soundtrack," but I'm still skeptical and think it's gotta be just a rip of the original game CD. Then I see the 32-track list (all with titles) and I am shocked and awed.

Now I realize 95% of you so-called readers will not be as mind-blown as I was, but I know that I am not the only one obsessed with this soundtrack. So now me and a very very small percentage of the world population can breathe a collective sigh of relief. AHHHHHHH. Here it is, the Jesus' tomb of late 90's computer game soundtracks:

Interstate '76 Official Soundtrack

On a bittersweet note, almost all the songs on the soundtrack have been heard before. But now they've been infused with sound effects and game dialogue (evidence of a quick cash-in, perhaps?). The most curious track is Macademia Medley, which is a 5 minute mish-mash of old songs and never-heard songs. For the sake of completeness, it's nice to finally hear this whole soundtrack anyway.


Anonymous said...

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Fongolia said...

Someday I'll get a cat, allergies be damned!

SenhorLampada said...

Dude! This Soundtrack rules! It´s damn good... I always listen the Game CD in my car :)

But Galbadia is really nice... they also have the Music that are on the FMVs in the game... not only the audio tracks!

Two thumbs up!
And congratulations for finding it! You're a happy person!

AlexandreJeanReille said...

hi there.

Please Please Please

contact me in regard of that music.

please ^^

AlexandreJeanReille said...

To all readers of this post,
to all Funk Fans
to all music fans

Thy must have a listen to this incredible soundtrack.

let it be know that this soundtrack is a perfect example of what OLD instruments with veteran musicians can do.

these fantatics riffs are
performed by the one-off band Bullmark headed by Arion Salazar (bassist of Third Eye Blind) and made up of Brian "Brain" Mantia (drummer for Primus), Santana's keyboardist, and other session musicians.
Arion Salazar has stated that for this project, he dug out old vintage instruments (guitar effect pedals, etc etc) has he believed that only these could get the real 70's touch.

let me tell ya people, he was right.

Chris J said...

I have a variety of i76 on my PC. It's a game soundtrack that's never been beat in my opinion. It rocks, hands down.

Anonymous said...

For those trying to find the soundtrack, you can download the whole album plus some extras here

Thank you again Fongolia