Thursday, September 22, 2005

"These wheels are made for crushing..."

Today's theme: the Cake/Ben Folds Five/Satan/Transformers connection
(i.e. just an excuse to post some more Ben Folds content).

Satan is My Motor by Cake
Satan is My Master by Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five - Cigarette
Ben Folds - Fred Jones Pt. 2 (live)
Cigarette is off of BFF's Whatever and Ever Amen album. The lyrics are basically one run-on sentence supposedly taken verbatim from a newspaper article Ben read. Fred Jones Pt. 2 is from Ben's first solo album Rockin' the Suburbs and is a sequel of sorts to Cigarette. In this live version, he is joined on harmonies by (in his words) "John McCrea of Cake, y'all."

And yes, I know 87.3% [edit: make that 99.9%] of you are just here for the covers... so here you go:

Crosstown Traffic by Ben Folds Five
[originally by The Jimi Hendrix Experience]

These Boots are Made for Walking by Velvet 99
[originally Nancy Sinatra]

(by the way, you can click either image above to find out more about the Decepticon known as Motormaster.]

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