Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Harvey Danger (and Death Cab for Cutie postscript)

Today in the mail I received Harvey Danger's new album Little by Little. It's their third album and the first one in about 5 years. They're probably best known for their big hit in the 90s Flagpole Sitta (i.e. "I'm not sick, but I'm not well), and were subsequently labelled one-hit wonders... which is unfortunate because their follow-up album King James Version is great and one of my favourite albums ever. I discovered the band by accident when I took out King James Version from the library on a whim since it was just ordered in and I was attracted to its shiny new cd case. I was hooked immediately. A few months later, I bought the CD in Toronto from a bargain bin at HMV for 99 cents. Best. Deal. Ever.

They disbanded soon after making the King James Version album in 2000, but had a reunion concert late last year... which leads to the new album. It's released today in very select stores (easiest to get it from their website), although the entire album will be released for free on their website in a couple weeks. I, of course, being an HD-uberfan pre-ordered the album/t-shirt/button/sticker combo from their site.

Just doing my part to spread the word on Harvey Danger. Here's some of their stuff:

Meetings With Remarkable Men (Show Me the Hero)
The opening track off K.J.V. that started my Harvey Danger addiction.

You Missed the Point Completely, I Get the Point Exactly
Oddly enough, this is not the longest song title on the album.

Underground [originally by This Busy Monster]
This is a cover of a fellow Seattle band called This Busy Monster and Harvey Danger puts their twist on the song. The original song, which was an early recording by the band and is not available on CD, can be heard on their website here (link at the bottom right of page).

Save it For Later [originally by The English Beat]
This is one of those covers where I've heard versions by Pete Townshend and Flashlight Brown, though never actually heard the original.

Another Washington band, Death Cab For Cutie seems to be making the rounds on MP3 blogs lately. The indie band has made the jump to a major label with their just released new album Plans. Apparently, they've gotten lots of recognition from being featured on The OC. This is one of those bands that I keep hearing good things about, but never get around to listening to. I should get on that... Anyway, Death Cab sort of owes it to Harvey Danger for its initial gig and mini-tour back in the day (see here). Now it's come full circle, with the reunited Harvey Danger opening(!) for Death Cab for Cutie next week at a Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert in Seattle. Strange reversal of hype. Also should mention that Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard also has a side band The Postal Service, who did the awesome song Such Great Heights.

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