Monday, May 03, 2010

...and Farewell to Codeine Velvet Club

[EDIT: re-posted with link removed]

Well then, that didn't take long. The album just came out in Canada less than two weeks ago and it's already time to say goodbye to Codeine Velvet Club, not even a week since I found out about the end of The Fratellis. Reports from the UK have announced that Jon Lawler has ended the band to continue working on his solo career. According to the article, his cohort Lou Hickey was in shock after "reading about it online". Although not entirely true and there are some quotes apparently taken out of context, the result is the same: the upcoming 9 or so gigs will be their last. Mind you, the album's been out in the UK since November and they've been touring around there since at least last April, but it's still extremely disappointing that there'll be no follow-up album and no full North American tour (other than the few US dates in March). As I've mentioned before, they were my favourite new band in quite a while. Alas!

Maybe someday Codeine Velvet Club will be... resurrected?
Codeine Velvet Club - I am the Resurrection [originally by The Stone Roses]

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