Thursday, October 15, 2009

Max Vernon update

It's been almost a year since I interviewed NY musician Max Vernon, a first and last for Fong Songs, ha ha. I get really stressed out over things like that and it makes my blogging feel like work when it shouldn't. In spite of all the PR e-mails in my inbox, the simple fact is I don't even really want to interview most artists, but Max was a rare exception and when the opportunity came up I jumped at it. Anyway, you can go back and read it here. Since then, my enthusiasm for his music has not diminished in the least. I've still been keeping tabs on the new music he's been releasing in the last year, which has included a cover of The Smiths' Headmaster Ritual (find it at The Music Slut). Max has been busy this past summer recording music in his "humble home studio setup" and the plan is to release the songs in multiple installments. The first installment of four songs is titled Manic Impression and these are my two faves:

Max Vernon - Around Your Finger
Max Vernon - Wait and See

EDIT: I should mention Max e-mailed me an update last month and I forgot to post about it. Whoops! Actually, I had already downloaded the individual songs earlier in the summer and given them plenty of spins before he passed along Manic Impression. Also, the other two tracks from this installment are Hunted and Your Girlfriend.

Listen to more Max Vernon at
You can follow him on Twitter too.

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