Monday, September 28, 2009

Meta Shop Boys

These are a few leftovers from last week's offering of Pet Shop Boys covers that deserved their very own post because they live in their own little world of cover wackiness.

Pet Shop Boys - We're the Pet Shop Boys [originally by My Robot Friend]
What's weirder: the Pet Shop Boys performing a song called We're the Pet Shop Boys or the fact that it's a cover song? Amusingly, the Pet Shop Boys cover is essentially the same with Neil Tennant replacing the faux Tennant vocals of the original.

My Robot Friend - We're the Pet Shop Boys
The original is from New York electronic artist My Robot Friend who produced the Pet Shop Boys tribute on his 2002 debut Hot Action!. One of the best bits is a monotone roll call of Pet Shop Boys song titles reminiscent of the coda of Madonna's Vogue.

Robbie Williams - We're The Pet Shop Boys (with Pet Shop Boys) [originally by My Robot Friend]
Piling another yummy layer of meta, Robbie Williams covered this for his 2006 album Rudebox. It was produced by the Pet Shop Boys themselves, who also produced another track from the same album called She's Madonna. The Pet Shop Boys also remixed Madonna's song Sorry from her Confessions on a Dance Floor album and, if I remember the liner notes from Discography, their own song Heart was offered to Madonna before they kept it for themselves. If only we could get Madonna to cover We're the Pet Shop Boys.

West End Girls - Booglurbia [originally by the Pet Shop Boys]
West End Girls are a Pet Shop Boys tribute band from Sweden who recorded a full album of PSB covers in 2006 called Goes Petshopping. To the untrained ear (like mine) it might sound like this particular cover of Suburbia was recorded in the duo's native language, but it has more in common with the Swedish chef than actual Swedish. No, this cover was recorded in Simlish, the nonsense language used by the Sims in the popular computer game. Specifically, this was featured in the expansion pack The Sims: Pets (ha, get it?) and even then, not in the US version.

By the way, if you missed the exciting news, it was announced a couple weeks ago at D23 (A Disney convention) that Muppet Studios would be releasing a covers album called Muppets Revisited. The track list isn't finalized and no release date has been set, but the announcement included these:

  • It's Not Easy Being Green by Andrew Bird
  • Mahna Mahna by The Fray
  • Rainbow Connection by Weezer
  • Our World by My Morning Jacket
  • Halfway Down the Stairs by Amy Lee

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Jowey said...

The news about Muppets Revisited is phenomenal. I just about lost it when I saw "Our World" listed. PLEASE let us know when you get more information! :)