Sunday, October 14, 2007

All You Need Is Beatles Covers

Hello everybody! I am Kurtis from Covering the Mouse and I will be filling in for Fong while he is gallivanting around China for the next month. I am happy to take a break from writing about Disney cover songs like I normally do and write about some other great covers!

Last week I saw Across the Universe and while I have mixed reviews on the movie, I have very positive things to say about the music! Any fan of cover songs will love sitting through this film! 31 Beatles songs sung by the cast of the movie with great arrangements that both pay tribute to the originals and, in some cases, give the lyrics new meaning.

I really suggest picking up the 2-Disc soundtrack. It's worth it.

Girl - Jim Sturgess
I've Just Seen A Face - Jim Sturgess

Beatles songs, originals and covers, have been used in countless movies over the decades. Here are three covers of All You Need Is Love that have recently been used in film.

All You Need Is Love - Jim Sturges and Dana Fuchs from Across the Universe
All You Need Is Love - Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge!
All You Need Is Love - Lynden David Hall from Love Actually

And to prove that the Beatles have been covered by just about everybody...

Eleanor Rigby - Pain
Yesterday - Zamfir


Anonymous said...

I really can't decide if I want to see Across the Universe. I've heard good and bad. Maybe I'll wait till it's on dvd.
I liked the I've just seen a face... so maybe i'll see the movie.

Thanks for covering the blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for substituting and thanks for the covers. I was rather surprised at how much I liked them. I think I'll buy the deluxe soundtrack. I've yet to make up my mind about watching the movie for the same reasons as anon.

San Luis Obispo

Fongolia said...

Hello from Hong Kong! Thanks for "covering" my blog, Kurtis. All's well here and I may post some pics soon.