Friday, November 24, 2006

Beta Blogger Blues

Bah to change!

I just switched irreversibly to the new Blogger Beta. There's some nifty new features, but having to reconstruct all my sidebar content was a pain. The previous formatting is also gone since it's both "easily" customizable, yet overly restrictive. And check out that cool dynamic archive thing on the side. Pretty awesome, unless you have a Mac and it crashes trying to load August 2005. Fantastic! Editing the template on my Mac is also like hell. And similar to the garbage that is "Windows Live! beta" (obviously not designed for the Mac user), once you switch you can't go back. Damn you Google, you aren't supposed to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft!

Harry Nilsson - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life [originally by Monty Python]

Does anyone remember the time when Google used to just mean a really big number? Bring back googol!

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