Monday, September 11, 2006

The Dresden Dolls also cover Postal Service

I just posted Ben's cover of Such Great Heights earlier today and I would like to direct your attention to the site Automatic Joy, a truly fantastic site of aural pleasure. Full of Dresden Dolls rarities, live covers, radio performances, etc. I just had a field day in the covers section when I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago. Among the covers is their slowed-down version of Such Great Heights, which again is underwhelming coming from one of my favourite bands. I'm beginning to think The Postal Service's Such Great Heights is absolute perfection and despite my love of covers, I'd prefer to just leave this one alone. Anyway there's a bunch of other great Dresden Dolls material to be had at the site.

Some highlights include:
-acoustic German radio versions of Coin-Operated Boy, Backstabber, and Jacques Brel's Amsterdam
-David Bowie's Life on Mars?
-Three Dog Night's One (with the Ambiious Orchestra)
-Science Fiction Double Feature (from Rocky Horror Picture Show)
...and much more! Automatic Joy-- Go now!

Coming up this Thursday/Friday, a bunch of lucky Brisbanians will get to see The Dresden Dolls join Ben Folds for two shows down under. If anyone's listening down there (or up there), please record these shows!

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