Sunday, January 29, 2006


On my year-end post, I raved about War Photographer which I gave kudos for sampling Blood, Sweat & Tears' Spinning Wheel near the end. "But what of the rest of this awesome song," said I, "from whence come those killer samples?"

REPOST: Jason Forrest - War Photographer
Watch the Music Video.

Well, as it turns out it's made up of THREE Blood, Sweat & Tears tunes-- so read the liner notes. So I dutifully borrowed a Best of BS&T album from work and scoured for said samples.

Go Down Gamblin'
The bulk of War Photographer is derived from this raucous (or rock-ous, if you'd like) number with some sweet horn arrangements. Give it up for the horns!

Lucretia Mac Evil
Besides Spinning Wheel and Go Down Gamblin', I'm not sure what the third song was, but I was surprised when perusing the album to also recognize this BS&T song as the source of another sample used by the Mint Royale(!), the British electronica duo: Mint Royale - Kenny's Last Dance

Jack Jones - Spinning Wheel
I found this BS&T cover on the compilation album Live From Las Vegas, which also features some pretty awesome performances of Sammy Davis Jr. on The Lady is a Tramp and Tom Jones on Hard to Handle.


Anonymous said...

But you didn't/couldn't hear the backbone of teh song itself, Sheer heartattack by ----- QUEEN!

thanks for your support, it means so much!
Jason F.

Fongolia said...

Wow, I've listened to that song 77 times and had no clue. I still can't hear it!

Anonymous said...

This track is GODLY.

I've been listening to it for the last 2 weeks, blogged about it, posted its video (equally awesome) in myspace bulletins, music forums, played it in local cafe.

3 words:
Forrest for President.